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Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season Three introduced an array of new content into Caldera and Rebirth Island. Caldera in particular has received a new fast-travel system, while new perks and items have been added to the battle royale. We are over halfway through the season, meaning we should find out soon what Season Four will entail. Meanwhile, Raven Software has continued to roll out various Warzone Pacific updates in an attempt to improve the state of the game. The latest Warzone Pacific patch balances weapons, makes some gameplay changes, and, as always, squashes more bugs.

A handful of weapons got some fresh balancing with the patch. The maximum damage range of the STG44 has been decreased from 30.1 meters to 27.9 meters. In addition, the 7.62 Gorenko 36 Round Magazine for the H4 Blixen has been given a slight torso damage multiplier decrease, and the Jonsson 9” RMK a small minimum damage decrease.


The weapon that has received the most balancing adjustments is the NZ-41 assault rifle. Its maximum damage has been decreased from 40 to 37, and the minimum damage increased from 32 to 34. Moreover, the damage penalty has been removed from the 8mm Klauser 40 Round and 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Magazines. While the muzzle velocity has been raised, the recoil has been lowered, making the weapon a much stronger contender.

Continuing to balance the battlefield

In terms of gameplay, we received more changes. Recon Drones have been removed from the loot in the underground transit system. Also, the spawn rate of the Radar Jammer has been lowered on Rebirth Island. Moving on to the throwing knife, the upper torso damage has been lowered to 200 from 300.

Apart from weapon balancing and other gameplay tweaks, bug fixes have been made as a part of the Warzone Pacific patch. The most notable fixes include a resolution for a multitude of issues involving the squad total cash counter. A problem has also been repaired which caused Buy Stations to ask you to confirm your choice.

Warzone Pacific weapon balancing bug fixes patch

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