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Call of Duty: Warzone Season Three introduced players to a brand new map in the theme of the 1980’s. The majority of the points of interest still remain on the map and have simply been reskinned to fit the theme. However, some new areas were added to the map for players to explore. Despite this, the majority of players still choose to land in the same areas every game. As such, the Warzone community has now created a useful drop randomizer to suggest areas of the map to land at.

This new tool could prove to be beneficial in your matches. If you land at the same couple of places every match, you will not be familiar with the whole map. Therefore, in an end game situation, you may be at a disadvantage to other enemy players. Landing at different locations can help you become more familiar with general positioning and help you rotate to advantageous positions. In addition, the Warzone drop randomizer can change the pace of your game, depending on how populated the spots are that you usually land at.


Random drops are practical and tactical

To use the Warzone drop randomizer, all you have to do is visit the website. Then, click the generate spot button and it will give you a place to land at. The generator will not give you a point of interest, but a specific square. This will allow you to land somewhere random that is pre-planned when you are in the helicopter waiting to jump.

In the past, community creations have been popular, including the skill-based matchmaking website. If you are a Warzone fan, the drop randomizer could be a fun feature for you and your friends to try out. At the same time, it will help you learn Verdansk ’84 even more.

Warzone Random Drop Generator

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