How to find the partially built RC-XD in Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone Prison Shack

As we progress through the Call of Duty 2020 teasers, more information and clues are being found such as the Warzone RC-XD car. The third day of teasers opened up a shack outside the prison where the car was discovered. Compared to previous locations, it may be easier to see the RC-XD, as it is in a remote location.

The code was found on the Call of Duty 2020 teaser site, pawntakespawn. Every day, there has been a new video tape covering a historical period. In the tapes, there have been clues such as numbered Warzone codes. In addition, the previous tapes update everyday to new versions, showcasing more numbers.

The H8 part of the code indicates the square on the map where the point of interest is located. If you zoom into that square, you will see a small shack near the prison. Fortunately, you will not have trouble finding it as it is the only building visible, apart from the prison in the distance. Similar to previous shacks and bunkers, you can just run up to the door and interact with the keypad. Just type in the code from the teaser site, which is the final string of numbers (72948531).

How the Warzone RC-XD point towards Black Ops

The shack is relatively small, with the most noticeable feature for Call of Duty fans being the partially built RC-XD car. It is important to note that the Warzone RC-XD car is from the Black Ops series. This could mean that the RC-XD car is confirming the return of the Black Ops series. Also, it could mean that it will be returning in the next Call of Duty title. Call of Duty fans are pretty certain that the next title will be Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War due to a series of leaks and teasers. This includes a Doritos campaign leaking the title and logo. The teasers also outline events that happened during the Cold War, such as the space race, which certainly substantiates the theory.

Warzone Rc Xd

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