Warzone stim revive glitch

Call of Duty: Warzone Season Two has brought more content such as new weapons and zombies. Despite this, the update has marked the return of a frustrating glitch. The stim shot could be considered as one of the most controversial pieces of equipment in Call of Duty: Warzone. It can be useful if you need a health boost when you are in a gunfight or if you need to make a quick escape, for example. However, the stim shot is responsible for the infamous infinite stim glitch, which has returned to Warzone multiple times. This exploit allowed players to continuously use stims in the gas until the end of games and guaranteed easy wins. Unfortunately, the Warzone stim shot is still at the root of another game breaking issue.

It appears that a new stim glitch is causing problems to players who are attempting to revive their teammates. A Call of Duty: Warzone fan posted a clip on Reddit, demonstrating the new stim glitch in action. As you can see from the clip, the player was in a game of Warzone on the Rebirth Island map. The player attempted to revive a downed teammate before they got eliminated. As a result, the player who tried to revive the teammate was left without a weapon. Not long after, the player was spotted by an enemy and was unable to fight back.


The Warzone stim shot keeps causing problems

Various players commented that they experienced a similar issue. One user outlined that the stim stopped them from grabbing a gun or any other items they encountered. The same game breaking issue did make an appearance during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It will be interesting to see if Raven Software rolls out a fix in a future update. You can keep up to date with the bugs and glitches that the developers are addressing on the official Warzone Trello Board.

Game breaking glitch. from CODWarzone

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