Warzone Wall Exploit

When you hop into a match of Call of Duty: Warzone, there are many points of interest you can land at. One of these areas is the Train Station, which is a relatively popular landing spot in Verdansk ’84. It is unfortunate that the Train Station has been a hot spot for some huge exploits. This includes the glitch that allowed players to get inside of a wall during matches. Now, the wall exploit is back with a vengeance and ruining Warzone matches once more.

A Call of Duty: Warzone player posted a clip on Reddit of someone using the wall exploit in their match. It also shows fellow Warzone fans the exact walls that the player was hiding inside of. From the video, it appears that the player suspected that an enemy was in the area. They are seen navigating around the Train Station while making as little noise as possible. However, the player did not expect an enemy to be lurking inside of a wall.


As we have seen with previous wall glitches, the player inside of the wall was able to see everything. As a result, they gain a huge advantage. In an amusing twist, the player is able to eliminate the cheater later on in the game.

Down at the tracks

It will definitely be frustrating for many players to hear that the Warzone wall exploits have returned. At the time of writing, Raven Software has yet to acknowledge the issue. We can only hope that the developers are able to deploy a fix before the exploit is discovered by more would-be cheaters. Especially if the exploit is possible at different locations around the map. For now, it may be worth avoiding the Train Station altogether. At least then you are not at risk of dying to a player inside of the wall.

Why is Train Station (my favorite spot) the most broken spot in this game?! from CODWarzone

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