Hey you! Do you have any skills with Unity? No? Well that’s too bad, because if you did and felt you could model some 3D bits and bobs for Wasteland 2, you could get paid for it. Oh, and have your stuff in Wasteland 2 so you can brag to your friends about how that boulder is all your hard work.

Yes, inXile is opening up its art asset creation process to fans of the game. Every week, the team will be posting up a batch of art assets that they need for the game (this week it’s stuff like a shack, an old bicycle on a rack and so on); your job is to make a 3D model of one (or more) of the required assets, in accordance with the Wasteland 2 style guide, and submit it to Unity’s ‘Asset Store’. You’ll want to label it “hold for inXile Entertainment” when you do that.

inXile then view the assets, select any that they like, and give the creator both money and in-game credit. They don’t say how much money, but money is at least being mentioned.

Even if inXile don’t use it, it’ll be there in the Unity Asset Store: so someone else might pick it up and pay you for it at a later date (unless it’s rubbish; so don’t make anything rubbish).

For more info on the scheme, and a detailed step-by-step breakdown of the process, have a read of this page. Over at Unity, you can download an Artist’s Starter Pack to help you out.

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