Wasteland 2 release date confirmed as 19 September

wasteland 2 (7)
Pest control teams of the future like to use excessive force.

Talk about your news stories where the headline is all you really need. But for anybody who accidentally clicked on this without reading the headline, Wasteland 2 has been officially given the release date of 19 September.

Brian Fargo announced the launch date on twitter earlier today, like so:

The release of Wasteland 2 will be the culmination of a Kickstarter campaign, successfully funded to just under $3.0 million (no doubt over that amount if you account for external pledges through PayPal and the like) on 17 April 2012. It was originally scheduled for release in August of this year, before being delayed for some last minute tuning. Still, not a bad turn-around for a lengthy RPG.

The original Wasteland was released by Brian Fargo and his team back in 1988, and was a direct influence on the Fallout series. This sequel will continue the tales of the Desert Rangers as they attempt to keep something approaching order in post-apocalyptic Arizona.

You can read a few of my beta impressions of the game, over here.

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