wasteland 2 combat

Die, you robot filth!

Wasteland 2’s General Vargas is a fictional fellow, but he nonetheless donates his voice to this instructional video about in-game combat. As an introduction, the trailer demonstrates a bit of character creation, picking some smart skills for a hypothetical heavy weapons expert and the basics of putting together a good squad.

Within moments, it’s obvious that the squad wasn’t all that good after all, as it gets wiped out by Damonta-based robots. That just calls for a switch-up in Wasteland 2 tactics. Once the Rangers are kitted out with armour-piercing laser weaponry, blunt objects and grenades, the robot encounter goes a whole lot better than it did first time around. There’s also a bit of time devoted to reprogramming a friendly bot named Jaime to help you win the fight.

High ground is shown to be important too, in a section where the Wasteland 2 Rangers are advancing on a prison compound. This part of the video includes a bit of chat about the risk-reward of going for headshots.

inXile’s Wasteland 2 will be released on 19 September. This will be the first chance for those who’ve been playing the beta to see the second half of the game, based in California. By the looks of things, that’s where all the giant robot scorpions have been hanging out.

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