September 5th, 2017

Wasteland 2’s first patch fixes a lot of bugs

wasteland 2 (7)
I now finally understand why a friend of mine spent several years trying to convince me that rabbits are evil.

The first patch for Wasteland 2 has just gone live, and it’s a big ‘un.

This is a good thing, because as fine as Wasteland 2 is, it’s also staggeringly buggy – particularly as you get further in. This isn’t a surprise, considering how many interrelated flags and possible settings there are, but it also means I’m spending most of my game time being incredibly wary of what I’ve just done and whether it might break something.

I’m not going to list the full patch notes here but aside from loads of UI and typo fixes, you’ve got adjustments to weapon jamming, weapon rebalancing, and a whole load of other little tweaks that will hopefully make the game cohesive. There are also plenty of specific changes to locations and interaction bugs; “Takayuki and miners no longer get angry at Rangers if Takayuki takes friendly fire” is something I’m incredibly happy about. Maybe now he’ll rejoin my party! I’m not seeing any fix for a bug with the Rail Nomads I encountered, though, in which my attempt to resolve their dispute by clicking the final dialogue option necessary was met with a “Huh?” as if I’d typed a random word in. That one took a few reloads before I figured out what I’d broken.

Also: “Removed unused DX11 support to improve stability and allow Steam overlay to work properly.” Maybe now I can take screenshots using Steam’s built-in functionality!

The full patch notes can be read over on the official Tumblr.

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    • kemazon

      I think Fallout games were more groundbreaking and settled new milestones for the isometric post-apocalyptic RPG genre of the time but the team behind Wasteland 2 tried extremely hard and with countless hours of work to try and achieve a game that gave that vibe.

      Hopefully Wasteland 3 for 2017? will be what Fallout was for us fans in 1997.