Wasteland 2 - 01-2

TS Eliot presents: Wasteland 2.

The third post-release patch for Wasteland 2 has been pushed out, so Steam should automatically update your copy of the game and apply the changes. Patch 3 looks pretty substantial, adding the chance to replay the game with a veteran party who’ve already completed the title once.

A colourblind mode has been added too, accessible through the display options. As you can imagine this changes some of the HUD elements (especially during combat) to make this a little easier to discern. The epilogue of the game is said to have been improved, and there’s been further cleanup of bugs; particularly in the California section of the game.

Post-patch, Wasteland 2 will now have Steam achievements for the Windows version of the game.

You can read a full and exhaustive list of changes at the Wasteland 2 tumblr, but here are the key bits.

  • Added Steam Achievements! Collect them all, if you dare. These are currently only in for Windows. Steam Achievements should be backwards compatible for many (but not all) save files, so players will receive achievements automatically by loading up their save files.
  • Added and improved epilogue text to fix bugs and add more details that were previously missing.
  • Added colorblind mode! Activate it in the Display Options menu. This mode changes certain HUD element colors, primarily in combat, to be easier to discern for people with colorblindness.
  • Added a new brightness/saturation calibration screen to get the game looking as good as it should on a display near you.
  • Characters are now automatically exported at the end of the game. Veteran characters will now be noted as such in character creation.
  • Further improvements to Text Size setting so it now affects much more text across the interface. This will help out players who are visually impaired, or who play on high-DPI displays, or TVs.
  • Added an option to show/hide selection circles on the party, for those who would prefer them off.
  • Continued cleanup of bugs and issues, especially in California.

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