Wasteland 3: Aspen, Little Hell, and Victory Buchanan

Wasteland 3 Aspen Little Hell Victory Buchanan Vic Buchanan

Little Hell

The Little Hell Resort, as its bastardized name implies, has become a living hell for its guests. Lots of people are dead, and a member of the Hundred Families elite, Hardee Knox, is being roasted alive.

He’s actually the husband of Miriam Knox whom you met in Broadmoor Heights’ church.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 1a

Head inside the inn and take out the wave of Breathers waiting for you in the lounge.

In the room to the right, you’ll find Cpl. Riley Woodson nailed to the floor. You need First Aid 6 to patch him up.

Woodson tells you that Victory Buchanan is holding several people hostage (some of these are Rangers that are part of his squad). As such, you’d want to make sure that everyone’s alive before you eliminate Buchanan.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 1b

Head to the corridor and, to your left, you’ll spot a locked room. Check the intercom and Victory’s henchman, Ash, tells you that he’s got a bomb and is willing to kill the hostages.

Is he bluffing? Well, let’s not stick around to find out.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 1c

Continue through the narrow corridor and pick up the Picture of the Gift quest item. Eliminate the robot servitors too.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 1d

The Lab: The Gift and Pizepi

First, let’s head to the left side. The first room looks like a large lab.

Inside, you’ll find The Gift, another one of Victory’s cronies, and none other than Pizepi Joren. The brilliant researcher from Wasteland 2 seems to be getting along with The Gift.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 2a

There are several dialogue options here:

  • Show family picture — If you grabbed the quest item from earlier.
  • Mechanics 7 — Allows you to examine The Gift’s wheelchair. If someone has Explosives 8, this lets you see that there’s a bomb strapped to it. Disarm it now and ignore The Gift’s admonishment.
  • Kiss Ass 8 — The Gift will let Pizepi go.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 2b

Speak with Pizepi and she’ll tell you about her activities and why she’s buddy-buddies with The Gift. She’ll try to get her bearings for a bit, though she’ll still wish you well.

Explore the lab to find a contraption for chemicals. You can combine chems to create a laxative for Llewellyn (one of the hostages you’ll meet in a second).

You can also speak with Dr. Hyde who can cure your wounds. He also sells a few medical items.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 2c

The Kitchen: Gertrude the Gruesome and La Loca

The room next to The Gift’s lab is the kitchen. Here, you’ll find Gertrude the Gruesome and several mobs. Use the nitrogen tanks to blow them up.

Pick up the Freezer Key from Gertrude’s corpse and open the freezer.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 3a

You’ll find the Ranger, La Loca, who’s still eager for a fight. For now, though, she’s going to eat some food while you handle Buchanan.

The container here also has the Anabolic Injector accessory (+1 AP and +1 max AP).

Wsl3 Wlk 12 3b

The Pool/Sauna: Estin Ward

There are half a dozen Breathers in the pool area. You can funnel them back to the entrance and pick them off one by one.

Pick up the Sauna Maintenance Key afterward.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 4a

Use it in the backroom to spot several objects. The computer (Nerd Stuff 8) lets you drain the pool. The disemboweled corpses here have some items including a few dollars and weapon mods.

The pipes (Mechanics 7), meanwhile, will let you open the door to the sauna. This will let Estin Ward (a member of Bellamy Ward’s family) escape. You can tell him to slow down his breathing since he’s panicking.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 4b

The Laundry Room: Llewellyn

Head to the right side this time. The first room at the southeast corner has a character named Llewellyn. He’s wounded and you can tend to him (First Aid 7).

He does say that he’s got the key to the Hundred Families’ vault containing untold riches. He’s already swallowed it though, so you have the option to kill him and pick it up from his innards.

The safe and other containers (Lockpicking 9) have the Wasteland Hawk pistol, a Note to Llewellyn, and an audio cassette related to the attack on Aspen.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 5a

The Vault

The vault is at the very center of this area. If you want to see what’s inside, you can do any of these:

  • Kill Llewellyn outright
  • Use the chems in The Gift’s lab to create a laxative for Llewelyn
  • Open the vault door (Lockpicking 10)

Inside the vault, you’ll find loads of items such as a Composite Armor, Sawsword, Nociception Clamp (Cyborg Tech accessory), Silver Dollar Necklace (Barter +1 accessory), and the Gold-Plated Hammer.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 5b

If you return to the lounge area, you can use the Gold-Plated Hammer on the odd-looking wall (near the room where you found Riley Woodson). It’ll reveal a hidden room that has the Patriarch’s Prototype Hammer weapon.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 5c

The Guest Suites: Rook and the Reed Sisters

In any case, let’s head back to the main area. The room next to where you found Llewellyn has several Breathers. Take them all out to get the Guest Suites Keys.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6a

Open the room to your left and you’ll see Isaac Reed’s sisters. Each one is standing on a wooden plate; if one of them steps off, the place goes boom.

Interact with the panel on the wall (Mechanics 8) to disable the trap. You’ll save them both, so just pick up the items here (one container has the Marriage Counseling audio tape).

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6b

Open the room to your right and you’ll notice that a Ranger, Rook, is wounded. Tend to him (First Aid 1) and have a short conversation.

The chest at the back of this room has the Ferocious Francesca Creepy Doll.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6c

Back outside the hallway, you’ll notice that poison gas is spewing from the vents. You need to step on the wooden plate in the suites’ main area to deactivate the gas.

Then, another character has to interact with the nearby generator. This will disable the trap completely so everyone can cross.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6d

Ash’s room

Now that you’ve rescued all the hostages, head back to the narrow corridor and straight to Ash’s room. Looks like this crony was bluffing all along.

Open the door (Lockpicking 1) and confront him. You can choose to arrest, free, or kill him. If you continue the conversation, Hard Ass 8 will have him tell you Vic’s plans when he attacks Colorado Springs.

Ash will give up the Patriarch Wing Key (to reach Victory Buchanan’s location). Likewise, the safe this room (Lockpicking 9) has Commando Armor.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6e

Patriarch Wing: Gwendolyn Reed

The hallway to the right (past the gas vents we disabled) leads to the Patriarch Wing. Inside, you’ll find Gwendolyn Reed who’s quite rude.

Don’t forget to disable both generators next to the stairs (Mechanics 7) so the turrets won’t harm you.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6f

Anyway, use the side door from Gwendolyn’s room which leads to the snow-covered path. It leads to the upper floor which allows you to reposition your units before initiating the battle with the Breathers in your favor.

Grab your rewards such as the Sabot rocket and Tundra sniper rifle.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6g

Important: Make sure you have a backup save after killing the Breathers and before opening the door. It’s time to reach a conclusion on what to do with Victory Buchanan.

Wsl3 Wlk 12 6h

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