Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide

Wasteland 3: All Creepy Doll locations

Dolls you don't want your kids to play with
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Wasteland 3 has lots of loot for you to find. Among these are 15 Creepy Dolls. These scary-looking toys provide party-wide buffs that remain active during your playthrough.

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Note: This guide will contain minor spoilers. You can also check our Wasteland 3 guides and features hub.

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide Complete

Wasteland 3: Creepy Doll locations

Radical Rachel

  • Location: Ranger HQ – Inside a container in the archives/museum section.
  • Effect: +5% explosives damage

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 1 Ranger Hq

Keen Karen

  • Location: Garden of the Gods – In the hidden passage leading to the PAL computer.
  • Effect: +1 Perception

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 2 Garden Of The Gods

Maneater Maury

  • Location: The Bizarre (Exterior) – Inside a duffel bag just before the bridge where the smugglers are encamped.
  • Effect: +15 constitution/HP

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 3 The Bizarre

Lethal Lance

  • Location: Monster Army Bunker – In the cinema after defeating the drilldogs and shockdog.
  • Effect: +1 Penetration

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 4 Monster Army Bunker

Cruel Cory

  • Location: Denver Ruins – Inside the Gippers’ White House; check the container at the left side hall just below the statue.
  • Effect: +5% damage vs. animals

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 5 Denver Ruins

Electric Emmett

  • Location: Machine Commune – Use the right side exit of the terminal area and take a look at the snow-covered ground (next to the Killer bots). It’s a buried item.
  • Effect: +5% energy damage

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 6 Machine Commune

Fuckin’ Fred

  • Location: Old Survivalist Bunker – In the room with Clouds-Drifting-West, open the locked door (Lockpicking 8).
  • Effect: +5% damage vs. animals

Wasteland 3 All Creepy Doll Locations Guide 7 Old Survivalist Bunker

Nervous Nancy

  • Location: Department of Energy Site – Near the section with landmines; close to the vending machine area.
  • Effect: +0.5 seconds detection time

Wsl Crpdoll 8 Dept Of Energy Site

Hearty Henry

  • Location: Aspen – In the bunker area where you found a lot of loot; it’s the duffel bag next to a corpse.
  • Effect: +10% healing bonus

Wsl Crpdoll 9 Aspen

Ferocious Francesca

  • Location: Aspen (Little Hell Resort) – Next to a certain individual’s cage in the guest suites section.
  • Effect: +5% melee damage

Wsl Crpdoll 10 Little Hell

Zen Zoey

  • Location: Snowed Inn Resort – In the yard with razorback monsters (right side).
  • Effect: +2% hit chance

Wsl Crpdoll 11 Snowed Inn Resort

Quick Quaid

  • Location: Knox Bison Ranch – Near Larry’s grave after killing the mobs.
  • Effect: +5% sneak attack damage

Wsl Crpdoll 12 Knox Bison Ranch

Purist Patty

  • Location: Abandoned Oil Well – After the strange beings and Tesla coil disappear, you’ll be able to pick this up.
  • Effect: +5% damage vs. mutants

Wsl Crpdoll 13 Abandoned Oil Well

Angry Aaron

  • Location: Yuma County (Godfisher Windfarm) – At the back of the Godfisher shrine area; inside a chest surrounded by multiple landmines.
  • Effect: +5% critical resistance

Wsl Crpdoll 14 Godfisher Windfarm

Hyper Heather

  • Location: Yuma County Speedway – Inside a locker (Explosives 8) in the room where you confront Liberty Buchanan. This should be the last Creepy Doll you should try to acquire in Wasteland 3 since facing off against Liberty is the game’s “point of no return.”
  • Effect: +5% initiative

Wsl Crpdoll 15 Yuma County Speedway

As mentioned, all these Creepy Dolls will provide permanent benefits during your Wasteland 3 campaign. You’ll also find them listed in the Archives menu. Once you’ve found all 15, you’ll obtain the “My Pretties” achievement.

Wasteland 3 is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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