Wasteland 3: Denver, Machine Commune, and Valor Buchanan

Wasteland 3 Denver Machine Commune Reagan Ai Valor Buchanan Gippers

Machine Commune

The Machine Commune, formerly Denver International Airport, is now controlled by sentient bots. In fact, you’ll be welcomed by a bot named Greet-O.

Anyway, all these things seem to be friendly with the Rangers, so there’s no need for hostilities (yet).

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Make your way inside the crashed plane to find SAL — the DJ on the radio whenever you’re exploring Wasteland 3‘s world map. As it turns out, she’s also an AI construct.

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In the terminal section, you’ll find loads of robotic NPCs. Be forewarned that the way you deal with them (including Greet-O and SAL) will be taken into consideration later.

For instance, Indigo Rouge is painting murals on the walls. Little Sparrow, meanwhile, is into frisky robot sex.

PICO asks you to help it with a robot vs. hologram fighting game. Nerd Stuff 7 and Hard Ass 6 will make it reevaluate its priorities about protecting its friends.

There’s also Vendomatic 2000 who’s cheating you when it comes to items. Nerd Stuff 5 and Mechanics 6 will fix the machine. You can then buy items such as the Insulated Vehicle Plating and Hat Dance Horn for the Kodiak.

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Tinker is a synth. It’ll tell you about the events that transpired in between Wasteland 2 and Wasteland 3, including the battle against Matthias.

You have the option to let Tinker survive. Kiss Ass 4 even has you saying that the war between humans and synths should end.

Note: Tinker is one of the targets in the Wolfe’s Hunt sidequest. If you pick the Kiss Ass/peaceful response, the option to battle Tinker outside will longer be possible. Likewise, if you attempt to attack the synth after the dialogue, the entire Machine Commune will become hostile.

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Vivisecto R.N. is a robot doctor. You can learn how the machines heal humans (as part of the Wyman’s sidequest). Vivisecto also sells Cyborg Tech accessories and is a reliable source of the Cyborg Tech Control Unit — and, obviously, the Cyborg Tech perk.

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Likewise, Vivisecto R.N. has a task for you — find its assistant VICI. You can find VICI outside the terminal near the hangars. She’s surrounded by numerous razorback mobs.

After killing them, VICI says that it wants to explore the world.

Wsl Wlk 11 1

You can let her go to Ranger HQ (she’ll be found later in the med bay) where she’ll give you a special perk. Alternatively, use Nerd Stuff 6 to reset her system and have her return to Vivisecto.

There are some buried items near VICI such as the Be The Dog skill book (Animal Whisperer +1) and the Last Resort revolver. If you explore the ruined hangar nearby, there are a few drools and some random loot.

Wsl Wlk 11 2

In any case, take the right-side exit of the terminal. The snowy patch of ground (near the Killer robots) has the Electric Emmett creepy doll.

Go up the stairwell to reach the air traffic control tower. You’ll meet the Machine Tower Intelligence there.

The Machine AI will then consider all of your actions, thus far, to examine whether you’re a trustworthy individual or not. As mentioned in our official review, this was a moment that left me in awe. Heck, if you hunted one of the synths for Gary “NaCl” Wolfe earlier, October 11, the AI construct will even be aware of that.

Wsl Wlk 11 3

In my Wasteland 3 playthrough, the Machine Tower Intelligence found that I “have a heart.”

It then proposed a new course of action: you will receive the Cybernetic Transfer Module and you’ll hand it over to The Gippers. But, rather than transferring the Reagan AI to a human host, it’ll be sent directly to the Machine Commune.

You’re done here, so it’s time to see the conclusion of the Denver arc and what we’re gonna do with Valor Buchanan.

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