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Wasteland 3: Denver, Machine Commune, and Valor Buchanan

It's the God-President Ronald Reagan!
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Conclusion: What to do with Valor Buchanan

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When you’re ready, speak with Mother Nancy Reliance. You can use Kiss Ass 5 (lie) and tell her that you have to follow your instructions clearly. It’s then revealed that the human host for the Reagan AI is none other than Valor Buchanan. Whoops!

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Important: Now, you have three choices on where the Reagan AI will be transferred. I’ll tackle all of these in detail:

  • Valor Buchanan — This will “kill” the real Valor Buchanan and replace it completely with the Reagan AI.
  • Machine Commune — The Reagan AI will become part of the shared consciousness of the Machine Commune.
  • Ranger HQ — The Reagan AI will be used as a bargaining chip by the Rangers.

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Valor Buchanan option

  • Main reward: Reagan’s Gaze energy rocket launcher
  • The Gippers will be happy with your decision. The Machine Commune, however, will not like it and their NPCs will refuse to transact with you.
  • When you speak with Reliance and Valor/Reagan, it looks like the Reagan AI doesn’t want to leave his “Nancys.”
  • You’ll have no choice but to arrest or attack which leads to a major reputation drop with The Gippers faction (disliked or hated). Alternatively, you can just leave Valor there, though I’m not sure how you can complete the main quest without returning him to the Patriarch.
  • If you battle The Gippers, you’ll have to take out all the NPCs inside the Western White House.
  • Plus, when you go outside, you’ll also have to contend with the Reagan statue (which is still functional). Its basic defense mechanisms will continue firing laser blasts at your troops.
  • You can use the Kodiak to provide much-needed fire support.

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Machine Commune option

  • Main reward: Party Pal unique AI-controlled companion. You can learn more in our companions guide.
  • The Gippers will not be happy with the decision. The Machine Commune, however, will like it (although they’re not an actual faction in Wasteland 3).
  • This will automatically lead to a fight with The Gippers and a reputation drop (disliked or hated).
  • You’ll follow the same process as before where you need to eliminate everyone and take out the Reagan statue.

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Ranger HQ option

  • Main reward: None.
  • Both The Gippers and the Machine Commune won’t like your decision.
  • However, because the Reagan AI is in your HQ, you can bluff Reliance and tell her that you can wipe it from existence. She’ll hand Valor over to you without question.

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  • You’ll also be able to avoid any hostilities with The Gippers, and you can safely have Valor arrested by the Rangers. Basically, this is the only option that avoids all hell from breaking loose in Denver.
  • Later, you can return to the Machine Commune. Use Kiss Ass 1 then Kiss Ass 7 to trick the Machine Tower Intelligence that you had no choice. Still, none of the robot NPCs will want to have anything to do with you.

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Dealing with the Reagan statue and the Godfishers

There are additional means to deal with any hostilities that could happen depending on your choices. Just make sure you handle these before you transfer the Reagan AI.

First, you can access the terminals scattered all over Denver Ruins. These are part of Valor Buchanan’s sidequest. You can choose to upgrade the defenses or sabotage the machines (and you should pick the latter in case of possible battles ahead).

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  • Terminal 1 – The left side of the main hall; requires Mechanics or Nerd Stuff.
  • Terminal 2 – The right side of the main hall; requires Hard Ass, Kiss Ass, or Kiss Ass plus “liked” reputation.
  • Terminal 3 – Found in the shed near one of the smaller Reagan statues (the one closest to the oil fields); use Mechanics to power-up the generator and then sabotage it.

The giant Reagan statue will explode, and you won’t have to deal with it while you’re taking out the remaining Gippers.

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You can battle The Gippers with your weaponry, or you can have the Godfishers handle it — provided that you didn’t demolish their camps and squads earlier (as part of Sister Glory’s sidequest).

If the statue is destroyed and you speak with Flensing-Ice, he’ll send all his troops to massacre the inhabitants. You’ll take a massive reputation hit with The Gippers faction and, once you check your surroundings, you’ll see several “kites” that have been hoisted in the premises.

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You can still loot all the stuff here, including weapons, ammo, and various items. But, when you check on Valor Buchanan, you’ll realize that he’s already dead. You completed this main quest, but the Patriarch won’t be happy since one of his sons wasn’t brought back alive.

Note: If you already defeated The Gippers and you speak with Flensing-Ice afterward, he’ll get pissed off since his cult won’t have sacrifices that are in “pristine” condition. Flensing-Ice and the Godfishers here will become hostile no matter your dialogue choice.

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What’s next?

We’re done with Denver. That was a doozy, right? You’re free to do some sidequests:

You could also visit the Patriarch’s Palace. The big boss will react based on how you handled Valor Buchanan, and you might even get rewards (including Kodiak upgrades).

The next main quest, however, will take you to Aspen and Little Hell. One Buchanan child down, two more to go — and, this time, you’ll face the sadistic Victory.

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