Wasteland 3: Full campaign walkthrough

Wasteland 3 Full Game Walkthrough Ambush Site Feat

Wasteland 3 is a huge game that’ll take you dozens of hours to complete. Here’s our full game walkthrough to help you out every step of the way.

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Wasteland 3 Full Game Walkthrough Ambush Site

Wasteland 3: Full campaign walkthrough

Make sure you’ve got ideal stats, skills, and perks for your Rangers. Lockpicking and Mechanics get you past certain areas, and high Perception helps you discover side passages. Likewise, with regards to loot, there’s a bit of randomness involved. As such, I’ve decided to mention only the important items that can be obtained.

I’ve also edited Wasteland 3‘s world map to mark all locations. If you need more help, head over to our Kodiak and exploration guide.

Wasteland 3 World Map

Main quests

Sidequests and other locations

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