Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker

Although rescuing Ironclad Cordite in the Old Survivalist Bunker is considered a sidequest, the ramifications can drastically alter the last 1/3 of your Wasteland 3 playthrough. As such, it’s better to discuss this now as part of your progression through the campaign.

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Wasteland 3: Ironclad Cordite and the Old Survivalist Bunker

After finishing up in The Bizarre, you’ll remember that a very important character told you about Ironclad Cordite. He’s imprisoned in the Old Survivalist Bunker, the entrance of which is found hidden in the Patriarch’s statue at Broadmoor Heights.

Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker 1

Enter the hatch and you’ll find a group of mercenaries. Hard Ass 7 will demoralize them during the fight.

The lounge area has more mercs, and you can get the drop on them easily.

Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker 2

If you have Animal Whisperer 5, you can have the Cyborg Chicken tag along to help in battles.

Meanwhile, the toaster here (Toaster Repair 6) has a Tarjan Token.

Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker 3

The side door (Mechanics 4) leads to the basement, and it’s got lots of frogs. Don’t bother shooting them since they’re quite tough.

Instead, check out the containers (Lockpicking 8) for some weapons, ammo, and the Grey’s Anatomy skill book (First Aid +1).

Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker 4

While the frog is hopping to the opposite side, have a Ranger use Mechanics 6 to repair the generator.

This lets you speak with Ironclad Cordite through a vent. If you give him ammo, he’ll help you once you break him out.

Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker 5

Return to the main hallway and disarm the traps (Explosives 7). Once you enter the door to the right, you’ll spot lots of hostiles and Ironclad Cordite will escape from his cell.

He’s controlled by the AI for now. But, if you spoke with him earlier, he’ll use his special shotgun-arm blasts against opponents.

Wasteland 3 Ironclad Cordite Old Survivalist Bunker 6

After the battle, speak with Ironclad Cordite to know more about his motivations. You can have him join your squad, shun him from your party, or kill him outright. The choice is yours.

Note: You can learn more about Ironclad Cordite in our companions guide.

Wsl3 Wlk 10 1

The small room here (Lockpicking 5 or Explosives 5) has a chest with a Sawblade Cestus and a full set of Savage Armor.

Wsl3 Wlk 10 2

Go back to the hallway and enter the opposite room. You’ll find a makeshift hospital and several mercs. Hard Ass 5 will demoralize your foes.

Once the fight is over, speak with Clouds-Drifting-West, one of Cordite’s old rivals from the Godfisher gang. You can let him die if you turn off the life support.

Wsl3 Wlk 10 3

The room here (Lockpicking 8) has the Fuckin’ Fred Creepy Doll.

Wsl3 Wlk 10 4

Make your way back to the Old Survivalist Bunker’s entrance. If your fame is high enough, the mercs will just run away.

Once you reach the surface, your contact will speak with you.

Wsl3 Wlk 10 5

We’re done here, so it’s time to head to Denver.

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