Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Patriarch's Palace

Wasteland 3 walkthrough: Broadmoor Heights and Patriarch’s Palace

Meet the rich folks.
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Broadmoor Heights is the home of the rich and fancy folks of Colorado Springs. It’s also where you’ll find the entrance to the Patriarch’s Palace (the Patriarch being the head honcho of Colorado in Wasteland 3).

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Wasteland 3: Broadmoor Heights

After visiting Little Vegas and exiting the casino, you’ll get a call from Gabriel Reyes. Remember the western exit past the Sheriff’s Office? You can now get past the guards to reach Broadmoor Heights.

Head to the Church of the Deluge. You can interact with the terminals to open one of the rooms. A chest has the Negotiated Settlement skill book (Kiss Ass +1).

Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Patriarch's Palace 1

Speak with Gideon Reyes who will tell you about the refugee situation. He wants you to find out who’s smuggling the refugees into the city. To do that, you’ll need to head to The Bizarre.

Before we do that though, let’s explore Broadmoor Heights. The woman in the church, Miriam Knox, asks you to find her husband Hardee. Unfortunately, he’s in Aspen (taken hostage by Victory Buchanan). We won’t be going there for a while.

Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Patriarch's Palace 2

Anyways, the Ward Manor’s servitor bot can be hacked (Nerd Stuff 5), and you can enter the door (Lockpicking 6). Speak with Bellamy Ward who will thank you for saving him earlier in the Garden of the Gods.

The second floor has a contraption that you can fix (Mechanics 7 or Weird Science 4). Elijah Ward, Bellamy’s dad, will reward you for your help.

Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Patriarch's Palace 3

The house to the southeast is actually Lucia’s. It’s been ransacked, but you’ll find a few goodies such as the Coach Gun (shotgun).

The containers require Lockpicking 4-6 and the traps require Explosives 4-6. The safe contains a cassette addressed to Lucia, and the toaster (Toaster Repair 4) nets a Gold-Insulated Power Cord.

Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Patriarch's Palace 4

You can leave Broadmoor Heights now if you wish. Alternatively, you could visit the Patriarch’s Palace.

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