Wasteland 3 Broadmoor Heights Patriarch's Palace

Wasteland 3 walkthrough: Broadmoor Heights and Patriarch’s Palace

Meet the rich folks.
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The Patriarch’s Palace

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Speak with Diligent Joe who will let you enter the Patriarch’s residence.

Head directly to the throne room to speak with the Patriarch and ask a few questions. Bear in mind that new dialogue options will open up if you’ve learned more about his dealings, if you’ve captured his children, or if you talk to him about certain characters you’ve met (which I won’t spoil here).

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The upper right corner has a terminal (Nerd Stuff 7) that lets you shuffle around the soldiers. This will let you enter the side rooms (Lockpicking 7) since no one’s guarding them anymore.

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The hallway to the right leads to the bedrooms of the Patriarch’s kids. Victory’s room has a toaster (Toaster Repair 8) and it has a Peek Action Figure. There’s also a Legend of Bazooka Jim skill book (Big Guns +1).

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The middle room has Valor’s lab. It has several computers. You can interact with the console (Nerd Stuff 1). This is followed by two more options (Nerd Stuff 8 or Weird Science 7) to correct the algorithm.

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Liberty’s room is the last one and it has a SWAT rifle you can pick up. The safe at the back of her room (Lockpicking 10) has a decent SOCOM rifle, too.

There’s also a desk with a map. Weird Science 7 lets you decode the numbers, and you’ll realize that she’s hidden some stuff inside the dining room.

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The door to the left side hallway will take you there (Lockpicking 7). You can take a look at all the trophies the Patriarch has collected from his victories. Honestly, his character reminds me of The Emperor from Warhammer 40K especially after Terra’s Unification Wars.

I digress. Anyways, you’ll find some miscellaneous loot here such as adoption papers and a book about popular pastimes (detected by Perception). You can inspect one of the vases to loot Liberty’s stash which includes several mods and a Guardian pistol.

Wsl3 Wlk 5 4

You’re now done in the Patriarch’s Palace. Just remember that you’ll be back from time to time since you’re required to “turn in” the Wasteland 3 main quests related to his kids.

As mentioned earlier (and without spoiling anything) you can bring certain characters when speaking with the Patriarch just to get unique reactions. There are also dialogue options whenever you’ve discovered tidbits about his past dealings, or after you’ve heard about another important character’s plans.

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Your next goal is up to you:

  • You can head to Sans Luxe Apartments to deal with a certain fellow named Irv.
  • You can head straight for The Bizarre to find out about the refugees.
  • Or, before you even reach a different destination on the world map, you’ll receive two distress calls and you can only pick one settlement to aid: Hoon Homestead or Arapaho Caravan.

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