Ubisoft not concerned about low Watch Dogs 2 pre-order numbers

Ubisoft not concerned about low Watch Dogs 2 pre-order numbers

During Ubisoft’s latest financial call, they revealed that pre-orders for Watch Dogs 2 have not been outstanding.

Ubisoft believes that gamers are being cautious and are waiting to see the reviews before buying the sequel. They are confident that once gamers play the game they will be satisfied with its quality

Far Cry 3 pre-orders were not very great. People wanted to see whether the game was going to be up to standard, It was very important it proved it was the case. Gamers wanted to be assured the game had the right quality. I think we have that with Watch Dogs 2 as we had with Far Cry 3 but it’s something we have to prove to gamers.”

“If you think about Rainbow Six last year, the initial launch was OK but we didn’t have the perfect reaction from gamers.

“We are trying to say that pre-orders are important, quality is important, Attention to the game long-term is very, very key. That’s why we are doing that with The Division.”

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