Watch Dogs 2012 graphics are back, thanks to uncovered PC code

Fans have made the most curious, and also somewhat upsetting, discovery regarding the PC version of Watch Dogs. Remember the 2012 build, and how much better it looked compared to the final product? Well, that build is back.

Thanks to modder The Worse, it was discovered that many of the 2012 build graphical effects were hiding in the retail PC version. Another fan, Jibbed from NeoGAF, has been curating the reveals, and the details on what elements are being found.

The Worse is hard at work in his next mod, expected to uncover further enhancements. In the meantime, Ubisoft has yet to make a statement regarding this discovery. In the fallout of the Assassin’s Creed Unity issue, they may be wary of releasing one too soon.

You can check out screenshots of Watch Dogs with the graphical improvements below.

Watch Dogs mod (1)

Watch Dogs mod (1)

Watch Dogs mod (2)

Watch Dogs mod (3)

Watch Dogs mod (4)

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