Sales of Watch Dogs in the UK have been great and it has actually become the best selling new IP in the UK ever, beating the previous record holder, LA Noir, by double the sales.

The game is also Ubisoft’s best ever launch in the UK with the previous holder of that title being Assassin’s Creed 3. Overall, Watch Dogs is the 17th biggest game launch in the UK, being beaten by worthy opponents such as GTA V, Fifa, Call of Duty, and Battlefield, all of whom belong to established franchises.

Most of the copies of Watch Dogs were sold on the PS4 which helped the console get a 94% increase in sales last week. In second place for last weeks game launch was Mario Kart 8 which is the biggest launch game for the Wii U. Nintendo will be pleased to know that the game caused the Wii U sales to increase by 666%, with 82% of those sales being bundles that include Mario Kart 8.

Source: eurogamer

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