September 5th, 2017

Watch Dogs getting interactive tie-in novel

Watch Dogs getting interactive tie-in novel

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs will be getting a digital novel called /n//Dark Clouds, and I’m guessing right now that it’s digital because nobody could actually pronounce that in a book store.

The novel itself – written by cyberpunk author John Shirley – won’t be a direct novelisation of the game’s story, but will follow the same themes while exploring a different narrative. It being a digital novelisation also allows for a degree of interactivity; while there aren’t any real specifics as yet, one would assume there’ll be snippets of video and the like throughout.

Watch_Dogs: /n//Dark Clouds is due out on 27 May, the same day as Watch Dogs itself. And no, I’m not referring to it as “Watch_Dogs” again. There’s an announcement trailer – which mostly just discusses what the novel actually is – below.

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