watch dogs

Hello there, I am a character from Watch Dogs.

Good news! Ubisoft remembered to add characters to Watch Dogs. As if by way of proof, the studio has released a trailer montage of some of the people you’ll be meeting in Chicago.

They’re an eclectic and varied bunch, from the organised crime lord who uses violence to achieve his goals, to the former Iraq veteran turned gang leader who uses violence to achieve his goals. Not forgetting anarchist Grady who uses violence to achieve his goals and “fixer” Jordi who will, if necessary, use violence to achieve his goals. See, all types!

Oh, there’s also a hacker lady called Clara who may or may not use violence to achieve her goals but is mostly depicted waving a gun around in front of explosions.

What I’m saying is you should probably expect most people in Watch Dogs to either be shooting at you or at somebody else. Complex reflections on the human condition? Not so much.

Watch Dogs is due on 27 May.

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