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Watch Dogs hidden camera video tries hacking in real life

Watch Dogs

Fortunately, the members of the public don’t pull out guns and start shooting at the police. That would be a bit much.

This promotional stunt is a bit of a treat: Ubisoft have tried out the Watch Dogs hacking in real-life.

They wait for punters in a phone repair store, fix the phone, and install a “hacking” app. The storeowner then shows off how it works by unlocking cars, turning off streetlights, changing traffic lights… and accidentally causing quite a lot of mayhem. And then the police show up.

In short, if you like hidden camera videos featuring unsuspecting members of the public in ridiculous situations, this is a fantastic thing to watch. And/or incredibly cruel. And/or hilarious. Give it a look below.

Open-world hack-’em-up Watch Dogs is due out on 27 May. We will, with a bit of luck, have a review up around that time.

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