Watch Dogs Legion Decision

With Ubisoft’s latest Watch Dogs: Legion, the objective is clear. The hacker group DedSec is fighting the good fight against the powers of corporations, corruption, and general governmental ineptitude. This involves plenty of camera hacking, spider drone navigation, and sending people’s phones into buzzing chaos. The way the game allows players to do whatever they want in this open world is one of the best features, and sometimes, irony strikes when you least expect it. According to a 4chan post, it seems the Watch Dogs: Legion source code has leaked onto the Internet.

There is supposed to be a bundle of files coming in at 558GB online. To further substantiate their claim, the poster also shared several screenshots of what makes up the archive’s file structure. That would be crazy to think the Watch Dogs: Legion source code has leaked, more so that it is entirely intact. Back in October, there were threats by a ransomware gang to leak the source code, whether this has any relation to that is unknown.

Hacker karma

If it is just a leak somehow, the 558GB of files will likely contain plenty of uncompressed assets and all the audio of different regions for localization. What else is there is up to speculation. While this is a security risk for Ubisoft, the Watch Dogs: Legion source code can turn into something positive for players.

Watch Dogs Legion 17

Now, modders can do more when it comes to changing up the game, and piracy of the game may also increase. It will provide a bucketload of information that may be useful for any number of reasons.

One need only look at the Nintendo source code leak that proved a godsend for game historians. For the hardcore, this meant learning more about a brand they love so much. Whether the Watch Dogs: Legion source code is in the same bracket, only the world can say. In other Watch Dogs: Legion news, a save corruption issue is getting looked at. A fix is coming in the next week.

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