According to a new listing posted on the Sony Entertainment Network, Watch Dogs is due for release on June 30th.

The listing reveals the June 30th release date plus the price tag of $59.99. This could be something they’ve put up in anticipation for a new announcement regarding the game or it could be a place holder for pre-orders, it could of course just be a big mistake.

Only a month before it was due to be released in November 2013, Ubisoft delayed the game to have more time to work on it. There were some worrying rumours last month when the game’s trademark was abandoned though Ubisoft assured us that this was a hoax and that the game was still going to be released.

The game is expected to be released on consoles and PC in the second quarter of the year so a June 30th release date doesn’t seem to far fetched. IGN have reached out to Ubisoft regarding the release date but are yet to receive a response.

Source: IGN

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