Watch Dogs

So are you guys playing Watch Dogs right now? If some of you are on here saying no, I’m sorry to say, we know why.

The game is unplayable right now on both Playstation 4 and PC, thanks to issues in PSN and Uplay. This is Sony’s statement regarding the downtime:

We are working behind the scenes, so please do not feel ignored!

As you can guess – release day can be hectic on the forums – but we will attempt to update you asap – those with contact to support already, if you hear any news before we post, please do share!

And Ubisoft shared these tweets via their official Watch Dogs account:

Of course, this may simply be a temporary issue due to so many people trying the game for the 1st time and logging in all at once. We do hope these issues get resolved immediately, and we will keep you up to date when new information arises.

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