Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Release Date: TBA 2013

Game Description: Ubisoft’s latest next-gen IP, Watch Dogs, features the cyber warfare of tomorrow. Watch Dogs is Ubisoft Montreal’s latest project in the making where the player takes control of the game’s protagonist Aiden Pearce. Aiden is a skilled hacker which is key in the game’s plot and gameplay. The setting of the game is in a fictional-rendering of Chicago, Illinois, the catch being that every piece of technology from smartphones to traffic cameras is hooked up to a massive supercomputer dubbed ctOS(Central Operating System).

Gameplay revolves around the player utilizing their superb hacking skills, with the combination of parkour-esque martial arts and third-person gunplay, to identify threats and in specific cases to eliminate. The game world itself is the open-world sandbox of the near-future Chicago, which players can explore at their leisure. Hacking can include, but is not limited to, listening in on phone conversations, hacking a traffic light to cause pile-ups, and even immediately access information (current health, probability of violence etc.) on the NPCs encountered.

When the bullets start flying, combat in the game acts much like a third person shooter including a cover system mechanic. It will also combine elements of stealth and free running. The game will also include(though details our limited at this moment) cooperative play. Though it is not clear what this will entail, it seems as if other players will receive information on how to assist the player currently playing as Aiden, including distracting police pursuing Aiden. Watch Dogs is scheduled to be released sometime late next year.

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