Watch Hell Break Loose In The Latest Trailer For Fury Unleashed

Side-scrolling indie games are everywhere, so what does it take to stand out from the bunch? Fury Unleashed has been in Early Access for almost two years now, but recently, the studio unveiled a new trailer where all hell breaks loose. For fans of run ‘n gun games, Fury Unleashed looks to take a page from titles like Contra or Comix Zone.

The gist is that Fury Unleashed borrows from a variety of genres. In doing so, it attempts to create something of its own.

Collect the ink, save the day

This new trailer shows off the game’s sense of style. From explosions to bullets to all-out mayhem, Fury Unleashed looks to offer quite the challenge.

Something unique to the game is that collecting ink from dead enemies allows you to upgrade your character. Why ink? Because in this comic book multi-verse, the hero’s own creator begins to doubt him. Notice, then, that the pages will sometimes lose color. The player must then prove themselves, showing the omniscient comic book artist why they are truly worthy of being the action hero.

Character customization is also one of Fury Unleashed‘s top features, allowing you to create a male or female character. Along with the variety of head designs, the game even features an in-game “head” creator to make a more customized face for your Fury. The game also features an unlockable skill tree.

Our own Andrew Farrell previewed Fury Unleashed, and what he found was a game that builds upon the games that inspired it. Because the game occurs on the pages of a comic book, it’s easy to think of Comix Zone as its inspiration. But Fury Unleashed is very much in a category of its own. The procedurally generated levels make for an entirely different experience than the action platformers from the Genesis/Mega Drive era.

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