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Your questions answered. To an extent.

If a new Mass Effect title gets your heart all aflutter, then you’ll probably want to watch the full ‘Charting a Course’ panel from last weekend’s ComicCon. It would be a cruel twist to write that sentence and then say “unfortunately you can’t do that yet,” but in fact you can. Do that.

A few choice details about where BioWare is taking the Mass Effect series have already come out of the panel. The Mako is in, indicating an emphasis on exploration of planetary bodies to some degree. There’s also been confirmation that players will once again have a full choice over which gender to play. While the timeline for this upcoming title has yet to be revealed, there were hints about seeing “some old with the new.”

This won’t be anything to do with Commander Shepard though, that much is clear. Producer Mike Gamble makes it clear that this is not Mass Effect 4, but a new Mass Effect game.

It appears the main playable character will be human again too, although BioWare has made additional comments about playable aliens. Whether that refers to more co-operative multiplayer (which it sounds like they’re all for) or some kind of Dragon Age system where you could control squad-mates in combat, isn’t really clear. The game, after all, is quite some time away from release. Maybe even a couple of years.

Watch the Charting a Course: Developing the Next Mass Effect panel below, in full.

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