Watch The New The Getaway Dlc Trailer For Battlefield: Hardline

With the official release of the Getaway DLC being just around the corner, EA decided to upload a new trailer for Battlefield: Hardline’s extra content. The DLC will include 12 new weapons, an extra vehicle, a new import tuner, a different gun camo and the brand new Train Dodge map, a rocky, roughly terrain map with an oil refinery and train lines.

Weapons like the SAR-21 will be available for all classes and there is a total of 15 new weapon camos for your favorite gun.

The DLC will include the following (taken from the official wiki page):

Capture the Bag gamemode
New Achievements and Trophies
New Assignments
15 Weapon Camos
New Vehicle Paints


Train Dodge


Weapons exclusive to the Mechanic class:

MP5 Navy (Cops)
AUG Para (Criminals)
M12 (Cops)

Weapons available for all players:

UMP-9 (Mechanic)
M14 (Enforcer)
M12 Mod 1 (Professional)
SRS (Professional)
G17 Race (All Kits)
MP5SD (All Kits)
Model 1887 (All Kits)
AWS Sniper (All Kits)
SAR-21 (Operator)


RF Jammer
Fire Axe

You can watch the walkthrough of The Getaway DLC on the video below.

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