Wayforward Technologies has finally revealed that they are working on a new WonderMomo video game, based on the Shiftylook version of the TurboGrafx-16 original.

Shiftylook is an ongoing project by Namco to make their older inactive IPs relevant to new fans by making new manga/anime reimaginings, and the same was done for WonderMomo. Whereas the original WonderMomo involved the story of an actress playing out an alien invasion under the auspices of a school play, the Shiftylook manga turned the idea on its head. The alien invasion was real, and years later, WonderMomo’s daughter, an aspiring gravure idol, is suddenly drafted to fight for the freedom of the universe as well.



The new WonderMomo game is in the works for Windows, Mac, and Android, and will release alongside a new anime, both based on the manga. In the meantime, you can get learn more about the original WonderMomo from the webshow ChronTurbo and check out the comic (you really should) here.

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