April 21st, 2017

We had faith: Mirror’s Edge sequel announced

Mirrors Edge 2 - 1

DICE is making Mirror’s Edge 2. No jokes or sarcasm or anything like that in this opening paragraph, because I’m much too excited.

You’ve probably already guessed that there are no bloody details whatsoever (we don’t even know if it’s coming to PC, but if it’s not then I’m going to be hurting people) but we did get a nice little trailer which interspersed footage of Faith getting a tattoo with first-person footage of Faith beating people up in hand-to-hand combat and doing lots of running. In short, it looks like Mirror’s Edge. Hooray!

We’ll have the trailer for you later on. And in case you were wondering about release dates, it’s “coming when it’s ready.” I’d take a guess at late 2014, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Update: The official press release has hit the wilds of the internet, and it turns out that this isn’t Mirror’s Edge 2 – it’s just called Mirror’s Edge, and it’s a franchise reboot with “an all-new origin story for Faith.” It’s powered by Frostbite, and it will indeed be coming to PC, as well as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Why am I mentioning the Xbox One and Playstation 4? Because the lack of Xbox 360 and PS3 implies it’s going to be rather high-fidelity.

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