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Where to find Week 4 Alien Artifacts in Fortnite to customize the Kymera skin

Bet your Kymera is looking good now.

Fortnite players have been collecting Alien Artifacts for weeks now to enhance their Kymera alien skins. These items act like an in-game currency specifically for this skin, and can be collected in several ways. You can discover the new pink glowing cannisters that spawn around the map each week for about 20 on average, as well as unlock Cosmic Chests for an additional weekly bonus. Week 4 is no different, and you can earn 20 more Alien Artifacts for your Kymera skin in just a few quick matches of Fortnite.

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If you still need to track down the Week 1, Week 2, or Week 3 Alien Artifacts, refer to our Season 7 guide hub for those locations.


Week 4 Alien Artifacts locations for Kymera

The Alien Artifact locations for Week 4 are in a fairly amicable layout. You may be able to collect them all in as little as one game if the storm circle favors you, but it will likely take a few attempts. Here’s the best way to go about getting these items in an efficient order.

Land at Holly Hedges in the middle area that serves as a garden center. You can quickly spot this first Alien Artifact outside under one of the supply racks. Head straight to a car from here and drive out of the area towards Weeping Woods.

Upon reaching Weeping Woods, you need to go inside of the large lodge building to the east, right next to the RV park. This Alien Artifact floats in the air on the second floor at the south end of the building. You can see it next to a window. After grabbing it, hop into a fresh car outside of the building and drive east up the mountain to the IO base where Rick Sanchez hangs out. Take the launch pad and glide towards Lazy Lake.

Once you reach Lazy Lake, head to the north side of the point of interest. There are two residential houses there, along with a small shed out back. Enter the shed and you’ll find the Alien Artifact inside.

You may want to start a new match now, unless the Storm favors the northeast quadrant of the map. However you get to Dirty Docks doesn’t matter though. Once you are there, head to the large warehouse overlooking the sea on the far east end of the point of interest. The Alien Artifact is outside of the structure, tucked away below a staircase on the north side facing the sea. Once you have it, jump over the retaining wall and head to the beach. There’s a boat you can use to get to Steamy Stacks. It’s the safest and fastest way to get there.

Upon reaching Steamy Stacks, head to the center of the point of interest and look for the building with the weapon upgrade bench inside. The last Alien Artifact is on some pipes that run along the outside of the second floor of this building.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations Season 7 Week 4 Map

That’s it for Week 4, but we have all kinds of other guides for Fortnite Season 7 Invasion and will follow up with where to find more Alien Artifacts at new locations in the future. You’ll need a bunch of Alien Artifact points to unlock all of the Kymera styles, so check back each week to save yourself some time.

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