Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations Week 7 Kymera Season

Fortnite players have been seeking out the locations of Alien Artifacts for weeks now to trick out their Kymera alien skins. These items act like an in-game currency specifically for the skin, and there are multiple ways to obtain them. You can discover the new pink glowing cannisters that spawn around the map each week for about 20 on average, and open Cosmic Chests for additional weekly bonuses. Week 7 is now available, and you can earn 20 more Alien Artifacts in just a few quick matches of Fortnite by following this guide to the locations.

If you need to track down the Alien Artifacts from previous weeks, refer to our Season 7 guide hub to find out all of the locations.


Week 7 Alien Artifacts locations for Kymera

Collecting all of the Week 7 Alien Artifacts is possible in a single match if you’re quick and focused. You can even have them all in as little as one match if the Storm circle favors you. As such, we’ll cover all of the locations, as well as the best order to go about getting them.

Start by descending towards Stealthy Stronghold to acquire the first Alien Artifact in the tower control room on the south side of the perimeter. You want the west tower on the south wall. From there you need to reach the IO base north of the Apple Orchard in order to find the next Alien Artifact.

To do this efficiently, make your way to the IO base inside Stealthy Stronghold and immediately use the Bounce Pad to go east. You want to aim for the old Spire Tower on the hill northeast of Pleasant Park, because you’ll use the lift to redeploy for a second time. You won’t make it all of the way to the base, but you can land at one of the vehicles on the highway and drive from there to keep up the pace.

Fortnite Alien Artifacts Locations Week 7 Season 7 map

Once you enter the base, search the ground floor of the main building to find the second Alien Artifact. Next, use the Bounce Pad to reach another Spire Tower. This is the Spire Tower east of the Apple Orchard. This will allow you to redeploy again and reach the parked Alien Saucer under the large bridge that’s east of Corny Complex. From there, you may need to choose your course depending on the Storm circle.

You should have enough time to at least grab the third Alien Artifact under the bridge that’s near the large waterfall in the center of the map. You’ll need to build your way to that one, as it’s suspended in the air.

The last two Alien Artifacts are quite spread apart, though the Saucer is very fast and may allow you to still collect them in the same match. Alternately, you can just start a new match and land at Cape Cod since there is another hidden Saucer there along with one of the Artifacts.

To find the Alien Artifact at Cape Cod, just look inside the abandoned warehouse on the east side of the island. You’ll spot it up near the ceiling by the Weapon Upgrade Bench.

The last Alien Artifact location is out at the IO base southwest of Slurpy Swamp. Just take the Saucer over there. You’ll find this last one in a bathroom stall on the second floor of the main building. Please remember to knock first.

More Alien Artifacts appear at new locations each week

That’s it for Week 7, but we have all kinds of other guides for Fortnite Season 7 Invasion, and we’ll follow up with where to find more Alien Artifacts at new locations in the future. You’ll need a bunch of Alien Artifact points to unlock all of the Kymera styles, so check back each week to save yourself some time.

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