It’s time for another roundup of the weekend’s digital distribution deals on GOG, Steam, and Impulse.This week the US gets the lion’s share of the deals thanks to Impulse, with savings on Civilization IV, The Saboteur, and Sim City Societies available, but if you’re elsewhere in the world there’s plenty for you too.Portal is still free to everyone on Steam, and if you don’t make use of this deal you are a very silly person as it’s still an absolutely shining puzzle game with fantastic wit. As Peter noted, the Humble Indie Bundle – six games, now, for as much or as little as you want to pay – has been extended for a few more days, with purchasers also getting the source code for the games. The bundle has made $1,261,757 USD for charity, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the developers so far. Why not make it more?Steam also has a fantastic deal on Tropico 3, and GOG is catering to shooter fans this weekend with a deal on a number of those games.Hit the jump for the full listings.All prices are in GBP unless otherwise noted.SteamPortal – FREE (down from £16.99 for The Orange Box pack)Tropico 3: Steam Special Edition – £5.00 (down from £19.99)Quantz – £2.40 – (down from £7.99)Torchlight – £7.49 – (down from £14.99)Steam Play Indie Pack – £14.99 (down from £53.95)Telltale Steam Play Pack – £19.99 (down from £49.98)ImpulseSimCity Societies – $9.99 USD (North America only)Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood – $9.99 USD (North America only)Civilization IV – $9.95 USD (North America only)The Saboteur – $22.49 USD (North America only)THQ Ultimate Bundle – £51.57 (down from £177.83)Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened – £9.74 (down from £14.99)Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis – £9.74 (down from £14.99)Sherlock Holmes Versus Jack the Ripper – £12.99 (down from £19.99)Sherlock Holmes Sleuth Pack – £27.94 (down from £42.99)Good Old GamesAquanox – $3.59 USD (down from $5.99 USD)Postal 2 Complete – $5.99 USD (down from $9.99 USD)Painkiller Black Edition – $5.99 USD (down from $9.99 USD)Redneck Rampage Collection – $3.59 USD (down from $5.99 USD)OtherHumble Indie Bundle – Choose Your Own Price

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