No Wei: Another Sleeping Dogs game on the way, called Triad Wars

Sleeping Dogs
Please be a worthy successor. Please. PLEASE.

In what’s potentially the best news of the day, United Front Games have confirmed that they’re working on another Sleeping Dogs game.

Recent trademarks popped up for something called Triad Wars, and United Front have today confirmed on the company blog that Triad Wars is “another game based in the Sleeping Dogs universe” and that they’re working on it with Square Enix. They’re unfortunately reticent to give any actual details; all they’ll say is that it’s something they’ve “wanted to do for ages” and that we’re not going to hear anything else about it until 2014.

I loved the hell out of Sleeping Dogs, so I’m obviously pleased, but I’m also tempering my expectations somewhat. Nowhere in that blurb is Triad Wars called a sequel – just a game in the same universe – and, more worryingly, the name honestly makes me think of something other than an open-world drivey-shootey game. It sounds more… iOS-y. Or maybe MOBA-y. I really hope I’m wrong, but this is a Square Enix-published game we’re talking about. Wouldn’t be the first time.

On the plus side, though, iOS and social games don’t really seem to be United Front’s thing, and I can’t imagine they’d have “wanted to do” a game like that. Equally, I don’t think something like that would have this lengthy a gestation cycle – if we’re not even going to hear about it until 2014, it’s got be something reasonably complex.

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst: Triad Wars might be a sequel with new characters. It might be a rip-off of Mafia Wars. Time will tell us whether or not it was worth this news story.

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