Weird West Best Perks Golden Ace Of Spades

Weird West: Best perks and Golden Aces of Spades guide

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Perks are passive skills that you can acquire in Weird West. You won’t need to do anything since they’ll continue to buff you throughout your journey. Here’s our Weird West perks guide to help you with the passive skills, as well as the Golden Aces of Spades that are required.

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Note: For more information, check out our Weird West guides and features hub.


Weird West perks guide – The best passives and finding Golden Aces of Spades

Similar to Nimp Relics/abilities, you’ll find a lot of Golden Aces of Spades in Weird West. These are cards with a bright orange glow, and they might be out in the open or inside caches/chests. Likewise, it’s possible to find them as vendor wares or hidden behind rock formations that can be blown up with dynamite.

Barring one caveat (which I’ll get to in a while), all unspent Golden Aces of Spades will be returned to you when you recruit the main character from the previous act. Moreover, the perks that you’ve already unlocked will retain their effects in subsequent chapters. As such, a couple of these will become absolutely incredible in the long run.

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All perks in the game have three ranks with increasing effects and costs. In any case, here are what I consider the best perks in Weird West:

  • Healthy – Increases your main character’s maximum HP.
  • Posse Leader – Boosts your party members’ damage and maximum HP.

That’s it, you’re done. Wait, you thought there were more? Well, there are. However, the reason why these two are my top picks is because of a rather strange mechanic. For reference, any main character you use in each journey can have a maximum of 150 HP. But, when they’re recruited later in succeeding chapters, it seems that Posse Leader multiplies this further.

It allows some characters like the Pigman, Protector, and Werewolf to have 370 to just a little over 400 HP. It works on unique companions, too, which is why Pigman Joe has a very beefy (or porky) 475 HP. While you still need to take care of your main character, you won’t need to worry too much about the rest since they can soak the hits with ease.

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As for the other perks in Weird West, I suggest the following optional picks:

  • Ambusher – Deal increased damage to unaware targets. If you have a powerful weapon and you haven’t been spotted yet, a single shot can bring down most foes.
  • Quick Stealth – Increases movement speed while crouched. Good if you like sneaking around to do silent takedowns.
  • Haggler – Reduces shop prices and fees. While it’s not as useful as those mentioned above, it can aid you in succeeding chapters. Remember that ammo doesn’t carry over, so you’ll need to rebuy your bullets. Likewise, there’s supposed to be a horse as part of a pre-purchase bonus. Unfortunately, it seems to be bugged and I haven’t received any notification about it. I had no choice but to keep rebuying a horse from the stables at the start of most chapters. As such, anything that can help with buying/selling would be viable in the long run.

Note: All right, that does it for our Weird West best perks guide. You can also take a look at our abilities/Nimp Relics guide for the active/combat skills.

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Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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