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Weird West abilities guide – The best skills for your characters

Let’s talk about the best skills or abilities for specific characters in Weird West.


Bounty Hunter

  • Roundhouse Kick – Your kick deals more damage and it flings objects further away; lasts 10 seconds. You won’t ever need this.
  • Shrapnel Mine – Set a trap that explodes when enemies get too close. You can spend a point to unlock this. It’s fairly useful in cramped hallways and caverns.
  • Charm – Enemies around you become allies for eight seconds. This is a good skill to pop when necessary but beware of the duration since you don’t want to be surrounded by friends-turned-allies when you least expect it.
  • Quick Thinker – Time slows down but you move quicker for six seconds. It’s a bit unnecessary since your “dodge-while-aiming” Bullet Time already does the trick.

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  • Feed On Corpses – This ability is available by default. It allows the Pigman to eat corpses to replenish HP (i.e., hold the “E” key when inspecting a corpse). This way, you won’t need to use up all your bandages.
  • Putrid Cloud – Emit a cloud of poison from your location; lasts three seconds. Do not attempt to get this. If you do and you end up recruiting the Pigman as a companion later, the AI will cast this at the wrong times. Imagine being surrounded by poisonous terrain and losing HP for no reason.
  • Rubber Skin – Bullets ricochet off your skin for 10 seconds. I originally unlocked and tested this, but the shield seems to break even before the duration is over.
  • Unstoppable Charge – Rush at an enemy to stun and deal 80 damage. This is a cool ability to unlock, and the AI will follow through with Spinning Strike if you also grab it.
  • Shockwave – Hit the ground to deal 70 damage and stun surrounding enemies. This is also another decent ability.


  • Cousin Bear – Summon a spectral bear that fights by your side for 15 seconds. The summon duration and damage are both okay.
  • Western Wind – Create a tornado that hurls enemies; can take on the elemental properties of its surroundings. This should’ve been a viable ability, but it’s downright terrible when the AI uses it. In fact, it could lead to unwanted deaths since you’ll also get funneled in and suffer friendly fire.
  • Surefooted – Increases movement speed and lowers noise. This is completely unnecessary.

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  • Shapeshift – This ability is available by default. It allows the character to transform into a Werewolf to gain increased attack speed. It says that you’ll also gain an HP boost, but it doesn’t seem to work.
  • Feed On Corpses – This is similar to what the Pigman has, but it can only be done while you’re in Werewolf form.
  • Yeb’s Fire – Surround yourself with a fiery nova that burns everything for eight seconds. Don’t bother getting this unless you want your AI companion to scorch you as well.
  • Yeb’s Invisibility – You and your allies become invisible for 10 seconds; reduces speed. This isn’t integral.
  • Inun’s Strength – Creates an armor-boosting AoE field that lasts for 10 seconds; also affects enemies. Don’t unlock this. Chances are, the AI will turn into a Werewolf, get close to a mob, and cast this. You’ll end up shooting a buffed opponent.
  • Inun’s Healing – Creates a healing AoE field that lasts for 10 seconds; also affects enemies. Again, similar to the above, the AI tends to poorly time its activation.


The Oneirist’s abilities won’t be shown at the start of her arc, and you’ll have to finish her training first. She also has the shortest campaign out of all the characters, making a discussion about her best skills somewhat moot.

  • Summon Wisps – Call three lightning wisps to protect you. The summons are okay, but they’re not going to do a ton of damage.
  • Shift – Teleport forward and stun surrounding targets. This is good if you can follow it up with a shotgun blast.
  • Spirit Ward – Create a shield that converts damage into health; lasts eight seconds. This is fairly useful when you’re in a bind.
  • Astral Projection – Become invisible for eight seconds; summon two clones that can distract enemies. The illusions really are nice to have, but they tend to die quickly.

Note: All right, that does it for our Weird West best abilities guide. You can also take a look at our perks/Golden Aces of Spades guide for the passive skills.

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Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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