Weird West: Endings and variations guide

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Forging ahead through the Oneirist’s journey in Weird West takes you to a place called Foxglove. This will be the final step in this frontier. Here’s our Weird West endings and variations guide to help you with the dialogue choices and cutscenes that you’ll see.

Note: For more information, check out our Weird West guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Weird West endings and variations guide

To be clear, I’ve been told that Weird West has two major endings and multiple variations. However, I’ve only seen one major ending where you save the world (which gives the “There Is Hope” achievement). Here’s what happens:

  • The last point of no return in the game is in Foxglove. There, the Witch at the Crossroads will ask if you’re ready to proceed through a doorway. I should also mention that she didn’t ask for the Heathen’s Box at all.
  • If you go through the doorway, you’ll find yourself in a room surrounded by mysterious figures. They’re revealed to be the Twenty One, a group of immortals. The character you’re controlling is Aleph, essentially the entity that Essex Mast has been looking for.
  • The next few dialogue options pertain to your campaign stats (i.e., gold acquired or the number of people killed). You can provide pragmatic, cruel, or altruistic answers. I’m not actually sure if these would affect the ending because I only received one type despite reloading my save to change my answers.
  • You’re also asked about Essex Mast’s fate. If you let him live, you’ll receive the “Eternity Can Wait” achievement. Executing him, surprisingly, doesn’t lead to an achievement.

After the conversation, the ending cinematic for Weird West will play. This shows you various outcomes based on the decisions you’ve made throughout the campaign. Here are some examples:

  • The Pigmen will co-exist with other humans if you freed them.
  • The Absolutionists are defeated if you destroyed the Blood Moon as the Werewolf.
  • Natives are at peace since the Wiindigo spirit is gone.
  • Sheriff Albright’s identity as a siren will remain a secret if you never revealed it at the end of the Bounty Hunter’s arc.

Note: For the sake of clarity, Weird West does not have a New Game+ Mode.

Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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