Weird West: Healing, cooking, and camping guide

Weird West Healing Cooking Camping Guide

If your main character dies in Weird West, you’re forced to reload your save. Permadeath is also in effect for your companions, which means they’re gone for good if their HP gets fully depleted. Here’s our Weird West healing, cooking, and camping guide to help you keep your party in tip-top condition so you can avoid an untimely demise.

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Weird West healing, cooking, and camping guide

Bandages and potions

  • These items can only be purchased from merchants or found as loot.
  • Bandages – Restores +50 HP. You can press the “X” key to heal yourself, or hold “E” when next to a companion to heal them.
  • Invigorating Tonic – Replenishes your action points/AP (the resource that’s consumed when you use skills).
  • Sixth Sense Elixir – Allows you to see living creatures through obstacles; fairly useless.
  • Dr. Long’s Antivenom – Cures poison; viable early in the game until you can find a vest with poison resistance.

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Cooking meat and vegetables

  • Meats and other items used for cooking in Weird West can be purchased from general goods vendors or found as loot (i.e., dead animals).
  • Raw meat can be cooked on an open fire. The amount of HP restored for the entire party will depend on the quality/type of food. This is also the same case when you pick up food as loot.

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Water and cacti

You can drink from pails and other water containers to restore +5 HP for the party. Likewise, you’ll heal the same amount if you interact with a cactus plant and drink from it.

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Beds, inns, doctors, and campsites

Beds can be found in the town inn, and you’re expected to pay 10 to 15 gold to sleep. Thankfully, this will restore both your HP and AP. Some towns may also have a doctor, but the NPCs will only replenish your HP.

When exploring other areas, you might come across beds that can be used, too. Lastly, if you’re traveling on the world map, you can mouse over an empty location and press the “C” key. Your party will head there and set up camp. This spot will have a bed and an open fire, but you might need to kill a few wild animals so you can rest.

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Weird West is available via Steam and the Xbox Game Pass for PC. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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