Weird West Endings Finale Guide patch junk inventory

Weird West patch gives you more inventory options and the ability to sell junk while on the trail

Inventory management.
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For those of you who had some concerns regarding Weird West, fear not. A new patch for the game came out just before the weekend. The patch allows you more options to sell off your junk, all the while tweaking Weird West‘s inventory. It’s a lengthy list, covering everything from quality of life changes to bug fixes and more.

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Generally speaking, the update covers just about everything under the scorching desert sun. With the patch, you can now sell your useless junk items to the wanderers of Weird West‘s dusty trails. Weapons can also now be turned into scrap more quickly, making it “less annoying to scrap multiple weapons in a row.” Companions in your party will also use up bandages once they reach 40% health, as opposed to 25%.


Bugs involving quests and locations have been addressed. The abandoned mine will now be fully populated with Sirens during the Sirens Scenario. Another fix is focused on leaving the location while discussing a cursed statuette during the Oneirist Journey. Bushes around the Canyon Location are now better filled and not so holey, meaning you won’t get “surprise detected” while trying to stay sneaky.

Weird West 3 patch fix junk items inventory

Filling up the saddle bags

Other than offering junk options, the Weird West patch puts a lot of focus on inventory changes. For one, you can now sell items from your companion or horse inventory directly in the shop itself. Items you craft will now correctly drop to your feet if you have a full inventory. Another fix coming to the shop UI pertains to you accidentally selling a random item from your inventory after pressing the use button “for too long when validating the choice ‘Browse Goods.'”

Of course, there is a lot more to parse in the patch notes. Be sure to mosey over to where they’re posted on Steam to learn more about the new changes.

If you’re playing Weird West and feeling a bit stuck, check out our guides and features hub and get back on your adventure.

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