Welcome Back To LOTRO Week Begins

Turbine is inviting former players back to LOTRO from now until 31 May. Anyone who comes back to pick up their character will receive a +5% boost to XP when killing monsters, and free travel at Stable Masters. If you’re bored of your old character, you can also make a brand new one to play on. There’s also a couple of on-going events taking place in LOTRO right now; The third anniversary celebrations are still iin full swing, meaning players of all levels can collect tokens from defeated monsters and trade them in for special level-appropriate rewards. Also, for the duration of the anniversary event, every time you log in you get a gift from Turbine. “The Writ of Virtue is a reward for steadfast loyalty and will keep the revelry going with special privileges from the Bards of Middle-earth.” Find out more over at the official site.