Welcome to PC Invasion

Welcome to PC Invasion

Welcome to PC Invasion, a site dedicated to our all-conquering PC overlords.

For those of you who remember us from IncGamers, we won’t need much introduction. For anyone joining fresh, here’s an overview of what to expect from us.

We’re a small, fully independent set of games writers who’ve been covering the industry (and predominantly the PC) for many years. Decades in Paul’s case. We’re longer in the tooth, which means more cynicism, a certain group-immunity to hype cycles, and a pragmatic approach to critiquing games.

On our review scale, a 5/10 means “mediocre” and 7/10 is a good score. All games are played to narrative completion or (for more open-ended titles) the nearest equivalent. You can read our full review policy here.

We’ll always do our best to review the marquee PC titles (even if that means delaying a review beyond ‘embargo’ to actually finish them properly,) and also strive to cover the many smaller or independent titles which interest us.

Coverage of a game shouldn’t always end with a review. Too many titles are ‘front loaded’ with an endless marketing campaign, then effectively ignored by the press as soon as they’re released and critiqued.

We don’t think it makes sense to stop covering a game at the very moment most people are able to start playing it, so we endeavor to write about important patches (and performance impact,) developing modding scenes, and all the other important post-release details associated with contemporary PC games.

Of course we still recognise that there is a need to provide readers with information about upcoming releases, but you can expect a healthy dose of piss-taking alongside any five second ‘teaser’ trailers. Likewise, our previews will not shy away from pointing out any potential issues or problems.

We almost never attend press events, as we’ve found they make lousy environments for proper critique or discussion. Whenever possible, we just request digital preview code or a separate interview opportunity instead. If, in the ultra-rare event that we do attend one, we’ll let you know if any ridiculous hard-sell marketing shenanigans take place.

Where possible, we speak to our interview subjects directly (largely over Skype.) On occasion an email Q&A is more appropriate, but we will always indicate when an interview has been conducted in this manner.

Written reviews and features are our main focus, but we’re partial to a bit of video at times. Just don’t expect any hyperactive shrieking.

PC Invasion will also run a weekly podcast, which we’ll launch next week.

We welcome comments on articles, and are happy to correct factual mistakes when they occur. Courteous remarks tend to get a better response, but we’ve been called “middle-class twats who hate games” before, so we’re used to that as well. Comments are moderated for spam and for anything particularly hideous and/or illegal, but the rest is in your hands.

You are probably wondering why we have moved. When IncGamers.com was established many moons ago it was launched as a multi-platform site. A couple of years ago we moved back to our roots of PC gaming and we felt we needed a site that better conveyed out passion for PC gaming.

Look to your HDDs and SSDs, your vast backlogs, and your wish lists. You’ll find us When PC Specs Collide, in the shadows of DirectX 12 From Outer Space, and ready to embrace the Attack of the 50 Terabyte Drive.

The PC Invasion is here.

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    • umiman

      Did you guys decide to rebrand or something?

      • Paul Younger

        unimam. Read all of above, it does explain everything 🙂

    • Jon Jones.


    • https://raptr.com/Minttunator/about Minttunator

      Long-time IncGamers reader reporting in. The best of luck to you guys with the new site!

    • cleaner1

      Good luck guys, as long as you keep the same quality and attitude the brand doesn’t matter much. I feel a slight shift towards the younger audience with both the looks and the name, but then again I’m old as fuck so I got used to it 🙂

      • Paul Younger

        No shift at all in who we know our audience is and we certainly won;t be changing anything as I think Peter points out in the above. What you will hopefully see more of is out opinions and writing, not just news.

        • cleaner1

          Good man, good to hear. All the best guys.

    • https://steamcommunity.com/id/colr/ Col

      I for one welcome our new something something.

    • Jack Pott

      Love the layout. Good luck guys.

    • Red Aloia

      Hello guys.

    • Richard White

      hahha good wok guys, liking the new redesign though the main content area could be a touch wider in my opinion.

    • Harvey Price

      Interesting name. Not too sure if I prefer it yet to the still uber-confusing Incgamers.com 😉 … but it will do. So … PCInvasion.com. Are you invading PCs or are PCs invading us … or something or other? Maybe we’ll never know.

      Anyway, good luck with the new website. Looks pretty swish. Been an incgamers podcast listener and browser for some time now. Best PC podcast on the net hands down … even though Paul is Scottish, and is hardly ever on it.
      Still hope everything goes well. Keep fighting the good fight, telling things like it is, and not being nepotistic like some other websites I could mention …
      Best wishes
      H Price (Palmerston North, New Zealand)

      • Paul Younger

        PCs are invading everyone and everwhere! They are taking over the world of gaming!

        I promise to be on the Podcast more Harvey if you really want me on it 😉

        • Harvey Price

          I see … I now understand! Well coming from an entirely biased pc worldview, that does seem to be an entirely reasonable and just thing, for aren’t we the master race and all that, after all? … umm … mwahh haa haa haa!!(?)

          Well I for one would like to see more of you on the podcast. It has to have someone on there to keep those young whippersnappers in check, now and again. DOTA 2? The Witcher 3?? Pschhhh … Pong is where it’s really at, daddio!! Youngsters don’t know nothing about anything nowadays … I remember when I was a lad: Atari 2600s as far as the eye could see … ZX80, and ZX81s roamed the landscape, and PET computers as well as all sorts of weird and wonderful personal computers soared the limpid late 70s skies (no not the fluffy ones, Malcolm … look it up on wikipedia) … pschh … kids nowadays don’t know when they’re born!

          Anyhow, terrible humour aside, good luck on the new website and reboot. It’s looking really good, and gives me some hope for the future of pc gaming journalism! I hope the future is really bright for pcinvasion, and you guys as a whole. Rough diamonds the lot of you!

          Best wishes

          Harvey P.

          ps I know you guys are “old” in pc gaming terms, but as I’m probably older than you (47), and been gaming off and on since the mid-70s, you are still whippersnappers to me! Ha ha!! So put that in your pipe and smoke it … or something! (exclamation mark/point)

      • Lazerbeak

        Ha sometimes I worry if im too pedantic looks like im not the only one

    • Lazerbeak

      New site looks fantastic fast too, I like the new name too, surprised you managed to get the domain. Why were you putting so much work into the old site if you were switching anyway?

      • Paul Younger

        Thanks Lazer. We always wanted to keep the old site “active” as long as possible while we made the change which has taken a couple of weeks.

        • Lazerbeak

          so now I know why youve been so busy I thought it was issues with the old site 🙂

    • https://profiles.google.com/104061602517148796021 Bradley Arth

      a refocus on the master race of pc sounds good to me.

    • Enrico

      Good luck guys, you are my n1 site for pc gaming reviews.

    • gab4moi

      Site looks great, best wishes to all involved! 🙂

    • Richard N

      Site looks sleek fellas. New website, new brand, now you guys just need to branch off to reach a wider audience. Have like Lets Plays, or awkwardly trying to be funny weekly shows, cover and obsess on the latest controversial topic. Ah, just like how it should’ve always been.