West Of Loathing Gets More Hilarious With New Update After Three Years (1)

Back in 2017, the world was treated to one of the comedic gems of the year, known as West of Loathing. The well-executed parody of roleplaying games, combined with its star stickman protagonist and the world it built, made West of Loathing a unique experience like no other. Three years later, we’re getting a new patch from developers Asymmetric. This new update will fix “obscure bugs” and add even more laughs into this classic.

The appropriate Three Year Anniversary Patch v1. will also see 29 new changes and additions to the game. West of Loathing will add a few new pedestrians into the mix, as well as a new character added to Clooncy’s in Frisco. As is Asymmetric’s style, there’s also “additional nonsense” for the Gun Manor as part of the Reckonin’ at Gun Manor add-on. The full patch notes are certainly a laugh, but here are some notable tweaks:

West Of Loathing Gets More Hilarious With New Update After Three Years (2)

Laughs to the end

  • Through the miracle of animation, the clown described as flipping his knife by the campfire is now actually depicted flipping his knife by the campfire.
  • The problems board in Breadwood should no longer complain about a bad lumber deal if you didn’t use any of their lumber to build a bridge. (Aka the 99 problems, bridge ain’t one bug fix.)
  • The dictionary in Gun Manor should no longer just close if you try to look up the word “done.” This bug was actually pretty funny, so we almost left it in.
  • A bunch of combats now have custom fight backgrounds that more accurately represent their locale. No one ever complained about this, but now that we’ve brought it to your attention I fully expect to get reports about other places where things look weird.
  • All known typos have been fixxed, except that one.

West Of Loathing Gets More Hilarious With New Update After Three Years (3)

The West of Loathing update is now live on Steam, and will arrive on other platforms soon.

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