West/Zampella vs Activision fraud case heading towards trial

A California Judge has ruled that Jason West and Vince Zampella’s lawsuit against Activision has factual merit, meaning the case may go to trial.
California Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle ruled on Tuesday that the claim by former Infinity Ward employees West and Zampella that Activision defrauded and wrongfully dismissed them has a factual basis. The duo claim that the wrongful termination of their contract cost them an estimated $125 million USD.
As a result of this ruling, the case may well be heading towards a trial (though not any time soon, it could even be next year before we see that happening). Still, if it does, West and Zampella’s attorney Robert Schwartz could get the chance to question Activision-Blizzard CEO Robert Kotick.
“That can’t be good for Activision. They can’t be happy about this,” Schwartz has told USA Today.
Source: USA Today

Paul Younger

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