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One of Marvel Snaps’ biggest strengths is its simple gameplay loop that anyone can quickly pick up and learn. Simplicity is good, but it takes more than that to make a game enjoyable. That’s where Marvel Snaps’ Locations come in, and when Featured and Hot Locations are in play, it completely changes the game.

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Locations add spice to Marvel Snaps’ simple formula by adding unique modifiers and forcing players to adjust their play styles. One thing you might not have realized is that they aren’t entirely random.

What are Featured and Hot Locations in Marvel Snap?

Featured and Hot Locations are special, as they will show up in 50% of your games while their respective event periods are active.

Hot Locations

Any Location in the game can become a Hot Location, and you’ll see these far more while the event is live. It’s unknown if these Hot Locations are picked at random or if they are curated.

Event periods last for 24 hours and start at 23:00 EST on selected Wednesdays and Sundays.

Featured Locations

Featured Locations are much more exciting because they add completely new Locations to Marvel Snap. These new  Locations are added to the standard Location pool when the event period is over. You’ll still see them in your games, but at a much lower rate. Like Hot Locations, Featured Location events start at 23:00 EST on selected Wednesdays and last for 24 Hours.

Knowledge is Power

If you know what Locations are coming in Marvel Snap, you can adjust your deck in preparation and give yourself a massive advantage. Even if you’re new and only have a small card pool, you can still implement simple strategies. For example:

Marvel Snap Onslaughts Citadel

If you know the Hot Location is Onslaught’s Citadel which doubles Ongoing Effects, you can bring cards to take advantage of that.

Marvel Snap Iron Man

There are a ton of options, but even new players will have access to Iron Man. If you play him on Onslaught’s Citadel, you have a great chance of winning that Location.

Marvel Snap Onslaught

If you add Onslaught himself to the equation, your power level will be almost impossible to beat. It just depends on how much of your deck you want to dedicate to the Hot Location, as it won’t appear every game.

Wait, didn’t Featured and Hot Locations used to show up more?

Based on fan feedback, developer Second Dinner has reduced the length and frequency of event periods to those mentioned above. These events used to last longer, and many players complained that the Locations showed up too often and made matches boring. Second Dinner has proven that they are receptive to player opinions, so there may be further changes to Featured and Hot Locations in the future.

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