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What are the apples used for in Content Warning? Answered

An apple a day...

With the latest bug patch on April 10 for Content Warning we didn’t just receive audio bug patches. The developers decided to add apples that you can pick, but what are the apples used for in Content Warning?

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Content Warning: How to use the apples

After reading this patch note I thought that this meant apples were going to be useful items. Unfortunately, the apples in Content Warning aren’t used for anything and are just for fun. Once you jump into a new game you can head to the apple tree growing near the house. You can’t pick the apples from the tree. Instead, you can grab apples that have fallen from the tree on the ground.

Content Warning Apples
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After picking up an apple I thought I could eat it since you can hold right-click to bring it to your mouth. Nothing happens, but it may look like you’re eating it. You can also press the “Q” key to drop it or hold that key to throw it. You can throw apples at your friends while they’re being filmed, but that’s about it.

Content Warning Apples Eating
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I also attempted to bring an apple into the Old World to see if I could use it as a health item of sorts. It’s not like usual Content Warning items that you can purchase and hold in your hot bar, apples act like bones or paintings you randomly find in the Old World. So as soon as I got to the Old World the apple I had in my hand disappeared, meaning it’s only available to use back at your home between dives.

So for now it seems like being able to pick up apples and throw them is just a silly little update for Content Warning that doesn’t affect the game much. The patch that apples arrived with mainly focused on getting rid of audio voice chat bugs that players were complaining about.

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