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What character should you choose in The First Descendant? All starter characters ranked

Not all created equal.

When dropping into The First Descendant for the first time you will have a choice of three starting characters to choose from. These each have different skills and abilities, making each one unique. Here are the starting characters of The First Descendant, ranked.

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Who should you pick to play in The First Descendant

This is just my personal choice for starting characters, and bear in mind that you can always switch it up by unlocking all the Descendants. However, when you’re just getting started, these are what I think are the best.

#1 Ajax

Ajax Character The first Descendant
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Titan, sorry, I mean, Ajax is a great first character to play in The First Descendent. His huge health bar and shielding abilities will give you all the time you need to take damage and get to grips with the mechanics of the game. He is a big unit with decent damage output and he’s able to take an absolute beating.

He isn’t quick, but his abilities can allow him to dash around a field in some capacity. Using his jumping slams and shields, there is time and space to learn the rest of the game mechanics. If you ever feel you’re being overwhelmed, simply pop a shield. This character is quick to learn to use in The First Descendent, setting you up for other more complex characters.

#2 Lepic

Lepic Character The First Descendant
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As a starting character in The First Descendent, Lepic is a great choice. He can cause a lot of AOE damage using grenades and has a last-stand style saving mechanic. This means that if you’re being a bit overwhelmed, there is always a chance for survival and a quick way to thin the crowds.

The big AOE damage from the upgradeable grenades makes leveling up a sinch. He is heavily reliant on upgrade modules, so as you play as him, you will find him improving astronomically. It is well worth the investment of time and effort.

#3 Viessa

Viessa The First Descendant
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Third is Viessa, one of the first beginner characters in The First Descendant, and comes a heavy third on this list. She just cannot stack up to either Ajax or Lepic in any way when looking at damage, HP, or abilities. For a beginner character, she is certainly not the one. Maybe when you’re done with the other characters that can be unlocked.

She plays heavily as a support with her freezing abilities and doesn’t have a lot of damage output. She was an odd choice to have on the starting lineup for The First Descendant, and I think it would have been better as an unlockable later in the game. However, if you choose to start with her, know you’ll have a much harder time than picking the other two.

If you’re looking for the fan favorite once you have chosen your starter character in The First Descendant, check out the guide on how to get Ultimate Bunny.

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