What happened to this week’s supposed GTA V PC pre-orders?

GTA V PC pre-orders

A few days ago we reported that retailer Elgiganten would start taking GTA V PC pre-orders on Friday but what happened when the ability to pre-order never appeared?

We suspected that it was a long-shot having pre-orders ready when Rockstar has not even announced the game and that this could be a ruse to bring in more punters. We’re cynical like that.

When probed on the fact that once Friday hit and there was no sign of being able to pre-order the retailer eventually responded with the following:

“We regret to inform you that our planned pre-sale of of GTA V for PC must be postponed. We apologise for this, but promise to come back as soon as we have confirmed a release. Have a nice weekend.”

Quite a few retailers have listings for GTA V now on their sites but unless Rockstar officially announce the game there will be little chance of any pre-orders being taken. The clues and signs are there that it’s coming but when is a still a mystery.

Back to GTA IV I’m afraid.

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